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New York EatsTake a Bite Out of the Big Apple



New York serves up not only the best in culinary adventure but the most diverse and often the simple comfort foods that bring back fond memories and create new ones. Whether it’s a 3 Michelin gourmet experience at Le Bernardin, a hip delectable version of comfort food at Bark, a slice at the corner pizza place or ice cream from a truck, New York is the place to try new foods and relax in the flavors you already treasure.

Culinary Attractions

Travel the world in just a few square miles with the delectable options just in Manhattan. Let the aromas guide you. Iconic New York restaurants like Katz’s on the lower east side are a must. Wander through Little Italy, maybe stop Umberto’s Clam House and in Chinatown, view the ducks in the window, sit down for dim sum.